What is Incline?

Incline is much more than a personality assessment.  It is an entire system designed to identify a person’s natural inclinations based on the strength of certain traits they possess, and then utilizing that information to help build teams and strategically use those strengths within job roles of your organization.  Our content experts conduct in-person training to provide clients a thorough understanding of the system.  Incline then becomes an important tool for managing current employees, hiring new employees, promoting, team building, and more.

The focus of Incline is every individual’s natural inclinations.

People are too complex for anyone to attempt to predict or understand what they will always do but having a solid understanding of what a person is inclined to do gives us an understanding of what they need from their job, manager and organization as a whole.

The Incline System provides its customers a Behavioral Survey and a Job Survey.

These two assessments, when used in conjunction, allow managers to find the best fit for each role in each situation. Through the use of these two tools, you’ll quickly discover that Incline is about need–what does a company need from an individual in a particular role and what does that individual need from their manager? The process sounds simplistic, and it is, but this takes a very difficult and far-ranging problem and boils it down to the basics “who’s best suited for this job?” and “what does this person need to do their job?”.

Group of Employees looking at screen