Promotion Decisions That Don’t Turn Out?, Underperforming Departments?, Disengaged Teams?, Turnover?, Poor Productivity?

If your company is struggling with any of these issues, you aren’t alone. Nearly every organization underperforms in getting the best out of their most valuable asset – their people.

Employees Working Hard

What is the Incline Survey?

The Incline Behavioral Survey is based on a person’s natural inclinations.  It provides data that focuses on long-term tendencies and traits that play important roles in the workplace.

What Makes Incline Different?

Incline is designed to allow people to succeed by behaving naturally by identifying the strength of certain traits they possess and how those traits affect their behavior in a workplace setting.

Elevating Workplace Performance

We offer in-person training that will empower your management team to use the Incline System to improve hiring, coaching, and team dynamics within your company.

The untapped potential that most employers have at their disposal is a critical component to moving their company forward.

Unfortunately, it seems to be increasingly difficult to utilize people to their best potential and get the best out of our workforce. How can we maximize teams and utilize them as the strategic resource we need them to be?

You can't manage what you can't measure.

- Peter Drucker

Most companies strive to have accurate, consistent metrics for every facet of their organization, but too many overlook the need for objective information about their People.

Incline is a Behavioral Survey designed to measure and explain an individual’s natural inclinations and behavioral tendencies. Our network of Executive Management Consultants will train you to utilize Incline and consult with you moving forward which will allow you to more effectively hire, manage, build groups and motivate. This allows you to problem solve and strategically develop your organization. If you’ve got challenges that are affecting your company, solutions are within reach!